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Individual Counselling/Psychotherapy

It is my belief that one of the main aims of counselling is to guide us from feeling like victims of circumstance to feeling as though we have some control over our lives. Through focused discussion, empathetic understanding and gradual movement into self-acceptance, we can regain our individual sense of rhythm, and feel empowered in the lives we live.

Couples Counselling

My approach to couples therapy is designed to bring out the best in you and your partner, strengthening the quality of your relationship, establishing a neutral and safe space for both parties, and allowing you to deal with issues in ways that support you to grow as individuals and a couple.

Online/Telephone Therapy

I offer my services as an individual therapist in both face-to-face work and online/on the telephone. I have specific qualifications in the field of online therapy, and am happy to work in this way should you prefer.

My Approach

I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I abide and work to rigorous standards which are set out in the BACP code of ethics.

As an integrative relational therapist, I hold in mind the significance of relationship in shaping who we are and how we operate in the world. I believe that it is in the co-creation and maintenance of a strong therapeutic alliance that we are enabled to focus on our relational patterns and make empowered decisions about our own lives. 

My approach to the therapeutic relationship is to work collaboratively with you, and with whatever you choose to bring to the space. I consider myself to be open and sincere in my approach to people, and the space I provide is warm and comfortable. 


I believe that every person has the capacity to change and gain new emotional insight, and I am an advocate of the change process. It is my belief that there are few greater measures of self-love than the willingness to be introspective, the commitment to understand yourself and your world, and the courage to implement relational change.

Above all else, I hold the belief that you as an individual have the potential to grow and develop in any way that you need to in order to find fulfilment and peace.


My job will never be to heal you, but to help you heal yourself. 

My Approach
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